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Refined flavor, juiciness, tenderness and unsurpassed taste are all features of marble meat. More and more Ukrainians are becoming connoisseurs of marble steaks imported from other countries of the world. However, have they tried the beef from the Ukrainian producer that complies with international standards? Now it is possible!

Our goal is to provide professional chefs and their colleagues with the highest quality beef and to be confident that our products will help them demonstrate their excellence.

Organic Farming Product company has established a unique production of Ukrainian marble beef and offers restaurateurs not only domestic steaks, but also the recognized Spanish brand COVAP.


Marble steaks with unique taste are obtained as a result of proper aging.

Fermentation of meat is an obligatory stage for our steaks: cuts of beef are kept in refrigerators with controlled temperature and humidity from 10 to 30 days.

he result is a softening of tough muscle fibers, proteins react to form amino acids ensuring the tenderness of steaks. Due to the natural fermentation, the taste and flavor of cooked meat are multiplied by several times.

Proper ageing is a guarantee that the finished marble steaks become soft, tender and juicy.



Up until recently, delicious burgers were served only to cafe and restaurant visitors, but now you can cook them yourself and our products can serve with this.

Organic Farming Product – offers burger patties made from premium cuts of Black Angus marbled beef. The patties have a distinctive taste and are gently prepared for frying. They are excellent both in a burger and as a separate dish.

You don't have to be a chef to make a perfect burger. It is enough to have a patty of tender and high-quality meat. Organic Farming Product uses minced meat of 100% natural ingredients. We guarantee quality of the product we are justifiably proud of.

Try Organic Farming Product patties, cook your own burgers and you will be captivated by extraordinary taste and aroma for a long time.


Certified fresh meat –

Halal Meat


We use pure, fresh and high-quality Halal Meat certified by TOV Tsentr Sertyfikatsiyi Halyal for burger patties making. The certificate confirms compliance of production facilities and production process structure with Halal standard requirements and norms.

Halal Meat is:

A guarantee that the animal was absolutely healthy before butchering;

A humane treatment of the animal during butchering. According to Muslim traditions, the animal should not feel fear or be stressed before butchering in order to have such meat;

A benefit. Due to humane butchering, blood content in meat is minimal and this reduces the risk of bacteria growth, makes the meat better and toothsome;

A guaranteed compliance with hygiene standards at all stages: from butchering to sale.

a guaranteed compliance with hygiene standards at all stages: from butchering to sale.


Choose a piece of carcass


OFP products


Farming Product

natural Ukrainian meat from own farms

Products by «Original Farming Product" are, first and foremost, safe meat grown under strict veterinary supervision and has passed all stages of control. Exceptional taste and soft structure is achieved due to the purity of genetics, proper grain-feeding and compliance with generally accepted standards of fermentation..

We offer for sale marble steaks of Aberdeen Angus and various chilled pieces of beef carcass..



Farming Product

world traditions and the unique quality of meat from Spain

«Prime Farming Product» – the best cuts of marbled beef by the popular Spanish meat producer COVAP.

COVAP – is a renowned cooperative of Spanish farmers who have been engaged in the cultivation and processing of meat for more than 60 years. For the production of beef, Spaniards use special beef cattle, such as: Retinta, Charolais, and Limousin.

«Organic Farming Produсt» is the only official COVAP representative and distributor COVAPin Ukraine.


We grow only natural, high-quality and healthy products.

We believe that food should be enjoyable and healthy

Our dream is that Ukrainians could enjoy real premium steaks from marbled beef, grown and produced in Ukraine

About Us


«Organic Farming Produсt» – is a young company established by leading Ukrainian experts in the field of meat livestock. We have over 10 years of experience in this area. The uniqueness of the company is that it is, first of all, a producer, and only then a distributor of beef in Ukraine.

We have created a closed production cycle, where everything begins with the control of the genetics of livestock and ends with the proper aging of meat.

Our company has gained the support of foreign partners and supplies Prime Farming Product marble steaks Prime Farming Product from Spain, Mexico and other countries.



«Organic Farming Produсt» has its own farm where Aberdeen Angus bulls are raised Aberdeen Angus. Now the herd has 1000 heads.

We have created ideal conditions for keeping animals: angus are kept for 8 months on pastures. On free grazing, they eat meadow grasses and drink mother's milk, in feedlot - hay, corn silage and grain feed. Next, animals that have reached 240 kg are transferred to special stalls and fattened with a natural mixture (GMO-free) within 150-200 days.

Qualified specialists «Organic Farming Product» carefully carry out their duties: they always keep cattle clean and in comfort, and protect them from stress.


Our goal is to prove that Ukrainian natural beef can be of premium class and is not inferior to the quality of imported samples. We supply marbled beef to restaurants, retail chains and individual customers. We focus on long-term relationships, we guarantee quality and delivery of products on time.

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